Day One [October 6, 2016]


Healthcare Infrastructure and Capacity:


a.      Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals

b.     Medical needs including equipment, health management needs and training

c.      How can diaspora volunteers support (healthcare professionals)

d.     How to mobilize support for help in these areas



Environmental Management and Disaster/Emergency Management:

a.      Strengthening environmental policy and ordinances

b.     Building disaster/emergency management infrastructure

c.      Local and national government support and strengthening communities

d.     Local and national government support 

Maritime and Ports

a.     Protecting our seas and marine eco-system

b.     The role of the ports’ authorities in sustainable clean oceans

c.      Identifying partnerships opportunities for MARYLAND Environment protection enterprises and Mano River Union state enterprises.



o   Food sufficiency


Day Two [October 7, 2016]


Commercial Revitalization and Economic Development


o   Entrepreneurial opportunities in the MRU (each country’s Ambassador should address this topic)

o   US AID, World Bank, Millineum Corporation and Power Africa Postures

o   Building financial capacities in individual countries through STEM supported HUB sustainable development community partnerships with local Universities and Colleges focused on agriculture, aquaculture, medical and engineering initiatives

o   Microloan opportunities to stimulate local communities to rebuild their lives after Ebola

o   Engaging economic institutions for support



Institutions to be invited from all MRU’s Countries:


o   Ministry of Health

o   Ministry of Public works

o   EPA/Disaster/Emergency Management

o   Ministry of Agriculture

o   Doctors Without Borders



Academic Institutions


o   William V.S Tubman University

o   Stella Maris Polytechnic

o   University of Liberia

o   Grand Bassa Community College

o   Bong County Community

o   Harbel College



·        Africa Environmental Watch (AEW)

·        State of Maryland and Liberia Sister State  (MLSS)

·        International Medical Corp (IMC)