The International Conference for the Post Ebola Capacity Building Initiatives (ICPECBI) was borne out of an assessment conducted by the State of Maryland and Liberia Sister State Committee (MLSS) and Africa Environmental Watch (AEW) experts’ team. The team carried out an assessment within some immediate environs and the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia, in November through December of 2015. The goal was to examine and understand the current state of post Ebola conditions from lessons learned throughout the entire ordeal, and how residents and communities were coping. The team visited several communities, observed and interviewed community’ leaders, residents, students, government officials, and excerpts from the government’s and ECOWAS’ conference report on National Ebola Preparedness and Response Plan held in Monrovia, Liberia, in November of 2015.

The initial plan of the experts’ team was to travel to Sierra Leone and Guinea for similar assessment, but traveling conditions by road posed a challenge and other public health risks and therefore advised against traveling. However, the result gathered from the assessment in Liberia could pass the test of transferability for Sierra Leone and Guinea with respect to post Ebola capacity building since the issues of infrastructure capacity building in the healthcare area, environment and disaster/emergency preparedness are similar if not almost identical to these three countries of the MRU. This phenomenon is further documented in the post Ebola capacity building report of the three countries as a challenge that requires global help in the areas of healthcare systems, environment and emergency response initiatives according to Doctor Without Borders/Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF, 2015),

Historically, since Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Ivory Coast are bonded by a common treaty of economic, trans- boundary commerce/trade, national security among others, a regional dimension of such initiatives, would be a unique idea that could enhance cooperation, coordination and collaboration from a regional perspective to collectively monitor and deal with any eventuality.