Goals, Strategies, Targets

Anticipated Outcome and Benefits:

At the conclusion of the conference, specific resolutions or recommendations will be developed for implementation.  Indeed, at the conclusion of the conference, we anticipate the following outcomes:

Potential Outcome

o   Identifying domestic and international resources for capacity building within the context of achieving the strategic objectives;

o   Developing a plan of action for international partnership and technical assistance for each strategic objective;

o   Organizing Stakeholders  Sponsored Trade Missions to boost trade initiatives for economic opportunities;

o   Producing a list of recommendations from a regional context for the MRU, a statement of commitment or at least expressions of interest in helping to implement conference  outcomes;

o   Creating a set of issues for further discussion after the conference and a process for continued conversation and follow up.

Potential Benefits:

•       The conference will create a platform of robust engagement for donor institutions to assist in post Ebola initiatives and a committed set of stakeholders who will remain dedicated to achieving the conference objectives;;

•       The conference will encourage investment and economic opportunities with the potential to create jobs and foster regional integration;

•       The conference will cultivate and motivate Diaspora communities to be more involved in helping their respective countries as they remain a critical catalyst for future collaboration.